Liverpool Race Equality Taskforce

Tracey Gore, Chair Liverpool Race Equality Task Force, 31st March 2021

The country, particularly Britain’s Black and other racial minorities have been eagerly awaiting the report into race disparity.  The headline information from the report released via press release is extremely disappointing to say the least.

To receive evidence, including the Governments own data and to conclude that there institutionalised racism no longer exists must call into question the way the data has been analysed, and dismisses our own lived experiences.

Structural racism in our society is proven by the disproportionate negative outcomes for Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in almost every aspect of British life – including education, employment health and criminal justice.  We have communities across the country including here in Liverpool that have been subjected to the destructive impact of systemic and structural racism.

Structural racism will never be eliminated if we do not first and foremost believe that it exists.

The report talks about communities being “haunted” by “historic cases” of racism, creating “deep mistrust” in the system which could prove a barrier to success. This is clearly claiming, the reason so many Black people do not get on well in this society is because they are stuck in the past and this makes them mistrustful. Racism is not the problem, people talking about racism is the problem.  It clearly ignores the many cases of race discrimination that continue to this day.

The Commissioners in their recommendations to Government have missed an opportunity to drive through real change not only for the benefit of our many black and racial minority communities but for our society as a whole.

Read the Commission’s report into racial and ethnic disparities in the UK.