Liverpool Race Equality Taskforce

Working together for racial equality in Liverpool…

Race inequality has existed in Liverpool for far too long, and it is welcome that it is now recognised that not everyone in the city has the same access to education, health services and jobs. 

Police in Merseyside are twice as likely to stop and search black people, unemployment is 8.4% higher for people from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in the city than it is for others, and Covid-19 has brought these inequalities into sharp relief.

Built on the wealth of slavery and richness of immigration, Liverpool is famous for its strong sense of fairness and compassion. It is ready for change, and we will work to ensure future generations live in a truly inclusive, equal city.

With city leaders and diverse communities we will dismantle barriers and structural discrimination so black and ethnic minority people feel equal, respected and able to reach their full potential.

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“While Liverpool has a proud tradition of standing up to fascism and far-right groups, Black and Racial Minority people in our city still experience issues in education, employment, health and the criminal justice system.

“It needs to be so much more than setting up a taskforce, it has to be about dismantling barriers and structural inequalities, leading to positive outcomes and for our city leaders to be held accountable for the delivery of change.

“I have a lot of confidence that this great city of Liverpool will take this opportunity to effect change and embrace it so everyone rises up together.”  

Tracey Gore,
Chair of the Race Equality Taskforce

Tracey Gore